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Clarion Gardens loves to party throughout the year so we host several annual celebrations that have now become a tradition for many of our guests.  Starting with “A Night For Valentines” and ending with “Ocktoberfest,” not only will you feast on Chef Rick’s remarkable cuisine, you will enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

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A Night For Valentines

Catering in Utah County

A Night For Valentines:  Treat your sweetheart to an intimate dinner of prime rib, ending with a decadent dessert.  And, then dance the night away to a live band.

Hawaiian Luau

luau cateting utah

Hawaiian Luau: Our Hawaiian Luau is the perfect event to invite family as well as friends. It’s held in our cool, beautiful gardens. Put on your Hawaiian shirt and join us for the remarkable buffet, including a whole roasted pig.

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Luau Utah Catering Entertainment
Luau Catering in Utah

Grand Southern Boil

Utah Catering - Southern Boil
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Catering Utah - Southern Boil
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Grand Southern Boil:  Bring your appetite and get ready for a feast like no other. Famous in the Low Country of Georgia and South Carolina, our annual celebration is as close as you are going to get to the real thing. In fact, it is the real thing. Cooked in an outdoor cooker, filled with clams, shrimp, crab, sausage and corn, you’ll love our all-in-one-all-you-can-eat-buffet. Don’t forget to bring your tools, a hammer and pick, and include your family and friends. Dress up in your best “Redneck” attire and win tickets to the next annual dinner event! Catering Utah.

Stuffed Salmon & Steak

utah bbq catering

Stuffed Salmon & Steak: The stuffed salmon is smoked to perfection. Steaks are grilled to your liking. Bearnaise sauce for the salmon and herb butter for the steak are necessary condiments. Of course, there are also complementary specialty salads. Save room for Peach Pie; grilled peaches filled with butter crumble, topped with caramel and vanilla ice cream. Utah bbq catering.

Fall Oktoberfest

Catering in Utah County - Octoberfest

Fall Oktoberfest: The last event of the year is in honor of Rebecca’s father, Rudolph Ebrhard Sommer. Born and raised in Gorlietz, one of the oldest cities in Germany, he emigrated to America and brought with him old family recipes. Rick makes fresh sauerkraut, brats, red cabbage salad and beer mustard using these treasured recipes. The meal is concluded with a variety of German desserts. Rebecca never knew Thanksgiving Dinners without her dad’s Rouladen, red cabbage and her favorite, Bienenstich.    Catering In Utah County.

Old Fashion Barbecue

utah bbq catering

Old Fashion Barbeque: When we can fit it into our busy schedule, we like to host a BBQ, featuring all the old favorites. We are also gearing up for a South Of The Border event.

To be apprised of these and all the other celebrations, sign up for our mailing list so you won’t miss the Rick’s decadent cuisine and all the fun. Utah bbq catering!

“We love feeding people. It’s what we do. Our motto is…Just come hungry!”
Rick and Rebecca Carter

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Rick Carter’s killer cuisine is the best catering in Utah and most certainly the best catering in Utah County.  See what our annual event diners have to say!

“When is the next dinner? Do you have a schedule for this year? My wife wants to book for all of the dinners.
She loved it!! and so did I.

Thank You.”

Bret Chipman

“We had such a great time at the Valentine’s Dinner last Saturday night!  The food and entertainment were fabulous. I cannot wait until the next event. Rick and Rebecca, you are the best.”

Christine Holliman

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.  We so enjoyed our first time at the Valentine’s dinner.  When Thanksgiving Point first started their dinner/dance event years ago, we were thrilled to find such an evening to share.  There just aren’t many opportunities for couples to go dancing in this county.  However, the T.P. event got more and more expensive and crowded. We haven’t gone for a while now.

We think the Clarion Gardens exceeded our early experiences at Thanksgiving Point. We appreciated the intimate setting and smaller group.  My husband is not a crowds kind of guy, so we really liked having fewer people.

The food was truly amazing, and we loved having the dessert brought out to our table to share.  My husband loved the chocolate cake and I just loved it all.  Too hard to pick a favorite.  The band was very talented, we enjoyed listening to them and getting to dance.  We appreciated being asked about seating preferences so that we could sit with our good friends.  We all decided we wanted to come to more events there, and especially come back next year for Valentines.

Thank you, thank you for a lovely evening.”

Anna Kennington

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A Night For Valentines – The Smokin’ Grill BBQ – Hawaiian Luau
Annual Southern Boil – Rick’s Steak & Stuffed Salmon – German Oktoberfest

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