Frequently Ask Questions About Off-Site Catering

Wedding Catering Utah
Wedding Catering Utah

In addition to the Clarion we often cater at other venues like Southworth Hall, Wadley Farms, Springville Art Museum, Stone Gate, The Manor, Sleepy Ridge, Sun River Gardens, Highland Gardens and Hotel Park City. We would also love to cater at your private home or another venue of your choice.

To help you make the most of our catering services, here are some frequently asked catering questions.

Do I need to know my guest count to book an event?

No, you do not need to know your count or menu items just to book the date. Counts can change all the way up to a few days before your event.

A good solid count is required one week before you event. You may ADD to your count up to 24 hours, but you cannot decrease your count.

Will I run out of food?

We provide plenty of food for the count you give us for your event.

Receptions are really an estimated count. Family members attending and those who are there for the duration of the event will eat the most. Please make sure you count everyone that will be staying for the evening.

If you are concerned, you may want to order a little extra. We pack up all left overs so you can enjoy them the following day.

When ordering hors d’ oeuvres, french toast, crepes are guests allowed more than one?

We have catered many events with these types of items and no they are not limited to one item per person. It is impossible to watch each person at an event to see what they are eating.

We don’t want anyone feeling like they are limited, so no, once your count is given we take care of the rest. We take into consideration that while one guest takes one of everything, one may not have anything and another may have 3 of one thing. It all evens out in the end.

Once we cut our cake at the reception...will you cut it up and serve it?

Absolutely! Please let us know if this is something you would like us to do. Because of the untidiness of cutting up a large cake, we take it into the kitchen area and cut it into small pieces for your guests to enjoy.

For receptions off-site, $35.00 will take care of the additional plates and forks purchased to serve your wedding cake.

With your catering, do you accommodate for food allergies, vegetarians and vegans?

Absolutely. Over the years we have seen allergies from milk to nuts to vegetarian to vegan. We have had several events where we have done specific menus for these food allergies and diet options. Recipes have been brought in from the families, or on rare occasions, certain foods have been brought in for severe conditions. Your health is very important to us, so if you need to have a very specific food items that need to be brought in, let us know.

We love your food, but would love to sample some things for our wedding. Is it possible to come do a tasting?

Most of the time it works into our schedule. We would love you to sample our foods to see what will compliment your wedding. We love to find items that match your colors and style and fit your budget. We do however, limit the amount of items to try. It takes time to prepare the sampling.

Give us a call and we will see what we can do for you in helping you make decisions that are best for your event.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, because we can be catering several events in one day, a base order of $950.00 before taxes and gratuity is required for your event to be scheduled.

Do I get to take home the left over food?

Absolutely! Most events end up with at least one container of left-overs. You are however, responsible to get it into a refrigerator as soon as possible. Once it leaves our hands, we are not accountable for it.

Can I cancel, change my date, have the deposit refunded?

You may cancel. Things happen. However, the deposit is non refundable.

Many factors go into each and every event, whether your event is large or small, it is just as important as the next. Please let us know as soon as you know of any changes. In some circumstances and if the calendar allows, a portion of the deposit may be used on a near future event. We do not refund the deposit in cash at any time.

Please take into consideration that we may have several events scheduled at all times, we may have turned down other potential customers because of your booked event or have had to purchase new equipment, sometimes a month before.

Is there a service charge or gratuity added on to the total after taxes?

We do have an automatic 15% gratuity added to all parties. Other than the gratuity you will not be hit with any other hidden service charges. All of the plastic-ware and catering service is included in the cost. Want to up-grade to glassware? we would be glad to give you a quote.



What amount of deposit is required to reserve catering for my event?

A non-refundable deposit of 350.00 and a signed contract is required to reserve your date. We require both a deposit and contract to reserve a date. We accept cash, checks and cards.

When is the final payment due?

One week to ten days before your event- head counts, menu selections and final payment is due. If by chance on a dinner event, you have to add to the count, give us a call and the additional payment arrangements will be made.

We are pretty flexible when adding to your count within 24 hours of your event. We do not however, reduce your count. We will just package up the food for those that did not attend.

Do you rent out your linens or your centerpieces?

We have a wide variety of linens that we have gathered over the years and understand that most reception centers do not include them in the price of the rental or have limited options. We do rent out our linens and or centerpieces if they are not being used at our own facility the same night as your scheduled event. We only rent them out if we are catering the event to insure our linens are properly taken care of at the end of the evening.

Please call for pricing as every event is different. In most cases we will bring them to the facility when we arrive to set up for catering. If you are needing to set up earlier in the day, arrangements can be made for you to pick them up earlier.

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