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DIY Free Wedding Invitation Websites

Here are three DIY Free wedding invitation websites that provide lovely invitations for your use. The artwork is beautiful and the downloads provide a very simple way for you to change the text to include your personal information. DIY Network DIY Network offers...

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Utah County Wedding Trends Changing

We are beginning to see a Utah county wedding trend that seems to be increasing in popularity, which is unusual wedding celebrations with fewer guests. Even though there are still plenty of couples who want a reception that include a lot of guests, there are those who are moving toward a smaller intimate gathering of family and close friends.

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Chef’s Table Dining

The best Utah County catering can be found at Clarion Gardens. Welcome to the Chef’s Table, a new concept for people looking for an exceptional, high quality food experience. The idea behind the “Chef’s Table intention is that most of the menu will be a surprise when...

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10 Etiquette Tips for Wedding Guests

Here are 10 helpful tips for Wedding Guest Etiquette. Whether you are family or a friend, attending a wedding carries with it the responsibility to support the couple on their significant day. Guest protocol is important so the bride and groom can enjoy the planning and the wedding day without undue distraction.

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Valentine’s History & Tradition – A Day For Dining & Dancing

The history of Valentine’s Day is hard to pinpoint but there seems to be a legend about a Saint Valentine that has survived since the middle ages.

According to legend, Valentine was a priest that served during the third century in Rome. Apparently Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, therefore he outlawed marriage for young men. Can you imagine?

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