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Catering To Go Menu

Clarion Gardens caters wide array of food from smoked meats, several chicken & pork dishes to delicious sides. Our fresh and full salads are never bagged, but chopped fresh and topped with plenty of ingredients. Our rosemary herb rolls are buttery and desserts to die for.

We now offer a few of them as pick-up items for you to serve to your guests without paying for the set-up service! Our Catering to Go is perfect if you are looking for an impressive main dish, sides to finish up your dinner menu or luscious desserts for a wedding luncheon, reception, business meetings, large corporate catering or large family get-together.

Give us a call and impress your guests.

Utah Catering to Go. Clarion Gardens Catering Take- Menu

Catering to Go Menu

Utah business catering

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Hot Dinner Foods & Sides


Sloppy Joe Ground Beef- 1 gallon minimum- (approx. 45 servings) – 63.50 per gallon
Top Sirloin Seasoned Roast Beef (sliced- approx. 10 lbs- 40 servings) – 145.50


Ham- baked, sliced w/pineapple-brown sugar glaze- (10lbs -40 servings) – 89.50
Cola Marinated Pork Loin w/cranberry salsa (40- 6 oz servings) – 110.00
Bacon-wrapped stuffed pork (40-6 oz servings) – 118.00

Chicken/Turkey– minimum order 40 person count

Herbed Roasted Turkey Breast (approx. 40 servings) – 115.00
California Chicken and rice (40 servings) – 168.00
Cream sauce w/artichoke hearts and mushrooms

Raspberry or Lemon Caper Chicken- (5 oz) – 3.50 per person
Focaccia Chicken w/tarragon sauce or Marsala Chicken – 3.75 per person


Turkey, Beef, Chicken (1gallon = 40- 3 oz servings) – 18.00


Potatoes (40 servings) – 51.00
~Garlic Parmesan
~Three Cheese Scalloped

Stuffing- sausage or cornbread (40 servings) – 52.00
Maple Glazed Carrots (40 servings) – 49.00
Mixed Vegetables w/ herbed butter (40 servings) – 45.00
Rosemary Herbed Rolls (40) – 20.00


Smoked Pork- pulled or whole (approx. 40- 4 oz servings) – 96.00
Smoked Baby Back Ribs- whole or cut/ 6 rack min. (20-25 servings) – 112.50
Smoked St.Lewis-cut ribs- whole or cut- 6 rack min. (30-35 servings) – 108.00
Slow Smoked Brisket (approx. 40- 4 oz servings) – 148.00
Teriyaki Chicken Thighs (approx. 40- 4 oz servings) – 96.00
Chopped BBQ chicken for sandwiches ( approx. 40-4 oz servings) – 96.00

Mango BBQ Sauce 8.50

BBQ Sides
Baked Beans w/sausage & peppers (approx. 40 servings) – 45.00
Loaded Potatoes (approx. 40 servings) – 51.00
Salads for BBQ (approx. 40 servings) – 51.00
Macaroni, potato, Hawaiian mac, broccoli bacon,
Cornbread salad, coleslaw, sweet potato, coconut rice,

Green garden w/ranch- tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, red onions

28-30 servings – side salads – 45.00
Approx. 40 servings – side salads – 60.00

Spring Berry w/sugared almonds, strawberries, mandarine oranges
blueberries, red onions, cranberries, sweet honey vinaigrette.

28-30 servings – side salads – 57.00
Approx. 40 servings – side salads – 76.00

Texas Sheet Cake- (35-40 servings) – 32.00
Chocolate Cake- 1/2 sheet- up to 48 ct. – 42.00
Italian Cream or Coconut Cake- 1/2 sheet- up to 48 ct. – 44.00
Caramel Brownies 0r Choc Chunk Brownies- 40 ct. – 38.00
Cobbler- Apple-berry or Peach-berry – (30-35 servings) – 44.00

Complete Meals for 50 – May add in groups of 10 after initial 50

1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches, BBQ sauce, baked beans, green
garden salad, macaroni salad, Chocolate or Italian Cream Cake. – 425.00/ 85.00 for additional 10
Add Teriyaki Chicken512.50/ 102.50 for additional 10

2. Teriyaki Chicken/ Spare Ribs, BBQ sauce, baked beans, green
garden salad, macaroni , rolls, Chocolate or Italian Cream Cake. – 595.00/119.00 for additional 10

610.00/ 122.00 for additional 10
1. California chicken & rice, mixed vegetables w/herbed butter,
green garden salad, herbed rolls, chocolate or Italian Cake.

2. Choice of Protein Options
Raspberry chicken, Focaccia Chicken, Lemon Caper, Marsala Chicken,
Brown Sugar Ham or Pork Tenderloin with cranberry orange salsa.
All include:  Garlic Parmesan potatoes, maple carrots,
spring-berry or garden salad, herbed rolls, chocolate or Italian cake.


Soups by the Gallon15- one cup servings per gallon, 2 gallons minimum – 43.50 per gallon
~Creamy Chicken Noodle, 3 Cheese Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower,
~Clam Chowder,Tomato Basil, Loaded Baked Potato,
~Spicy Beef Stew, Chili, Pumpkin Curry

Sour Dough Soup Bowls– (minimum 30) – 1.50 ea

Salads Our salads are full, fresh cut and never come from a bag!
~Green Garden Salad w/ranch- romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta
28-30 side salads/12-14 entree – 45.00
With grilled chicken – 67.50

~Garlic Lemon- romaine, bacon, mozzarella, swiss, green onions, almonds
28-30 side salads/ 12-14 entree – 52.50
With grilled chicken – 74.50

~Spring Berry Salad- spring mix & romaine, strawberries, blueberries, mandarine
oranges, craisins, red onion, sugared cinnamon almonds. Sweet honey vinaigrette
28-30 side salads/ 12-14 entree – 57.00
With grilled chicken – 79.50

Dressings – 24 oz. (serves 18-20) – 5.50
Sweet honey vinaigrette, ranch, lemon garlic, balsamic mustard

Deli Salads (serves approx 40) 51.00
~Broccoli bacon, Sweet potato w/jalapeno lime, Italian Pasta,
~Cornbread salad, Potato, Macaroni w/ham

Large Italian Bread Wedge Sandwiches
(serves 7. Minimum 4 Sandwiches per kind) – 24.50 ea
Assorted breads with a choice of-
1. Turkey, provolone, tomato, red onion, olives, banana peppers, lettuce, dill spread
2. Ham, muenster, tomato, red onion, olives, banana peppers, lettuce, dill spread
3. Smoked Brisket, smoked Gouda, caramelized onions & peppers, spicy mustard – 26.50 ea

Chicken Salad w/pecans (filling for 24-30 rolls or small croissants) – 28.00

Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Fruit Trays w/yogurt cream (25-30 servings) – 59.00
Vegetable Trays w/dill weed dip (25-30 servings) – 45.00


Brownies- Coconut Macadamia or Caramel 40 ct. – 45.50
Raspberry Almond Shortbread Crumb Bars 40 ct. – 38.00
Chocolate Cake/ 1/2 sheet/ up to 48 ct. – 42.00
Italian Cream or Coconut/ 1/2 sheet/ up to 48 ct. – 38.00

Complete Meals for 45

Sandwiches/Salads– Combination of turkey & ham sandwiches, choice of
one green salad and deli, mixed dessert tray. – 348.00/7.90 per person

Soup/Salad– Choice of 3 soups (2 variety), herbed rolls, choice of one
green salad with grilled chicken, mixed dessert tray. – 308.00/6.85 per person

Soup/Salads/Sandwich– Combination of turkey & Ham sandwiches,
choice of one green salad and one deli, choice of 3 soups (2 variety)
mixed dessert tray. – 479.00/10.65 per person


Breakfast– minimum 1 tray/40 servings – 250.00 minimum order

Breakfast Casserole (serves 35-40) – 78.00
Everything Breakfast with just a touch of heat.

Baked French Toast (serves 40) – 86.00
Cinnamon Peach
Cinnamon Streusel
Apple Strudel w/ orange sugar & almonds (add 7.00)

Biscuits & Gravy w/Hard Boiled Eggs– (40+ servings) – 82.00

Marinated Ham & Swiss Mini Sandwiches (40 ct.) – 52.00

Fruit Trays w/yogurt dip– 2- large trays w/dip- (40 servings) – 86.00

Pillow Soft Cinnamon Rolls– (40 ct.) – 74.00

Buttermilk Orange Syrup– (gallon- 3 oz/person) – 17.50

School Fundraiser Dinners

We love our schools and love to support them and their efforts of keeping their programs functioning at their highest performance. We also appreciate the dedication of all the parents spending countless hours in supporting the schools and their children. We would love to be a part of this effort also!

Making money at the fundraising dinners is your goal, ours is to help parents and our great food, let’s put together a fundraiser to remember!

1. Pick a menu from the “Complete Meal List”
2. You supply the tables, table-covers, paper-ware and smiles.
3. We bring the set-up & service and lemonade.

  • Catering to Go pricing is for the food and containers only.
  • In order to keep the costs down, the prices do not include any paper goods and delivery.
  • Delivery is available to groups over 100 guests in Utah County for 35.00.
  • All food is subject to 7.75% Utah Food Tax
  • Minimum orders- Approx. 40 servings (unless otherwise stated) with a 250.00 minimum before tax.
  • Salads and dressings are available in smaller quantities.
  • Please refer to the “Terms and Policies” for all details and requirements for placing and picking up orders.
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