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Clarion Gardens frequently provides off site catering in Utah County and the Salt Lake area. In fact, we offer catering anywhere in the state. On occasion, we receive gratifying testimonials which make our efforts even more satisfying than they already are. Thank you, it’s a pleasure to serve you.

Scott and Karen Keller - Dignitaries


My wife Karen and I have used Rebecca and Rick Carter with Clarion Gardens and team for 5 years, almost exclusively, for events at our home in Bountiful, UT and other events while hosting many VIP’s in both political, Phylinthropic and personal arenas.

Such dignitaries, to name a few individual events are the  Baroness of England Emma Nicolson, top tier military leadership from the Pentagon, UT Governor Gary Herbert, Sen Orrin Hatch, Sen Mike Lee, Congresswoman Mia Love, Congr. Jason Chavettz, Congr. Rob Bishop.

A few more are, Sen Bob Bennett, Attorney General Sean Reyes, US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, several Presidential candidates including Sen Marco Rubio, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 2012 Presidential Elect and Nominee Governor Mitt Romney, and soon, the next Republican Presidential 2016 candidate along with 18 different charities that we are heavily involved.

They have been timely, cooperative, professional, attentive, reliable, dependable, predictable, prompt, reasonable and pleasant. The meals BTW, have been delectable, ambrosia and delicious.

Enough said. You be the judge should you dare use them as we have on multiple occasions, whereas we could not risk a single hiccup with these caliber of guests and the purpose of our hosting them with additional guests often exceeding 100 people at one  time. Our relationship with them have been tops and we highly recommend them to anybody.


Scott & Karen Keller

Marta Wald - Business

catering300x450-0I am writing this letter to express our recommendation of Rebecca Carter for her exemplary customer service and catering skills.

Since 2013, our company has chosen Rebecca as our sole caterer for business and pleasure because of her genuine desire to make all our orders special.  Rebecca continues to exude professionalism, creativity and attention to detail with all our orders.

Rebecca and her staff go above and beyond our expectations by ensuring quality of service and an unparalleled sense of pride in the food that she provides to our passengers.

We are happy to  help Rebecca gain new business because of her catering experience and knowledge.  It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for her because I can truthfully attest to her excellence in catering and work ethic.

Thank you, Marta Wald

Teresa Sommer - School Band

I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Rebecca Carter, owner of Clarion Gardens Catering and Events. Having known Rebecca for over 30 years, I know her work ethic well. I have seen her work under intensely stressful situations and witnessed her work a myriad of differing events.

One would be hard pressed to find a person who works with such passion and depth. It is of utmost import for her to do her work with attention to detail, precision and care for those she serves.

What a pleasure it was, when the Band Director of our High School inquired as to the name of Rebecca, to serve his band students at an upcoming trip. He had tasted the food prepared by Rebecca and her staff, at a family reunion, and was so impressed with the quality and taste of the food, he requested her to cater meals for the band. Knowing I knew Rebecca, he asked me to contact her to feed our band. She graciously accepted the invitation with delight.

Rebecca and her staff catered both lunch and dinner, to 200+ band students and chaperones for several days at on off location, hundreds of miles from her business. As a band parent/chaperone, I indulged myself in the delectable food we were served. The lunches and dinners were healthy, appealing, and delicious, and the desserts were absolutely divine. They were happy to accommodate those with food allergies by preparing meals they could eat.

Both students and adults kept going back for more.

We were extremely pleased with the food served. Not only was the food wonderful, but they were also conscientious about having plenty of food for the students, who had had long days and were famished. Quality and quantity were both delivered. I know you and the participants of the tour will be happy with the service and food provided by Rebecca and her staff. They will deliver top notch nutrition in a top notch way.

Kind Regards, Teresa Sommer

Carolyn Hanson - Brigham Young University

I have known the owners, Rick and Rebecca Carter, personally and professionally. I highly recommend Clarion Gardens for their food, service and hospitality!

I have worked for the Plant and Wildlife Sciences at Brigham Young University as the department secretary for 7 years. Since beginning, Clarion Gardens has been my catering of choice for Faculty/Family annual socials and yearly Christmas socials.

It is impressive to me that the Clarion staff arrive early, set p quickly and are ready for the evening to begin at the scheduled time. If there is ever a wait, it is because our group does not show up as invited! I never have to worry whether or not we can begin, or if the food will be hot and ready to go. I know the food will always be top-notch.

We have a very strict department budget. The Clarion Gardens menu plans make it easy to stay within our price range while still guaranteeing the food will be of the best quality. I can always find just the right menu at a great price.

One thing I use often is the Clarion Gardens website. It is very clear and easy to use. I can see choices and prices at a glance. The website is backed by personal. When I have a question, I call Rebecca. She is always helpful and accommodating.

It s easy to recognize why I return to Clarion Gardens for our department events every year. I always have faculty members ask me who is catering our event. They are  always pleased the Clarion group will be returning.

Why change up a good thing?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Carolyn Hanson

Plant and Wildlife Sciences – Brigham Young University



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