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If a hassle-free wedding sounds like a dream, then Clarion Gardens will make your dreams come true.

You will love our attention to detail, from the set-up, to linens and delicious food. Our goal is for the families to enjoy the wedding day from beginning to the very last moment when they send the bride and groom off to begin their new lives together.

What is my responsibility to have my wedding at Clarion Gardens?

Many mothers and brides ask what are the things they are responsible to bring to the reception center. Here are the very basics:

1.  FLOWERS such as the bouquet, corsages, etc. Be sure to keep track your florist. What time will he/she be  delivering the flowers?

2.  CAKE – Who is providing the cake?   What is the base size? (if you are using our cake stand and cutting sets)  What time will the cake be delivered?

3.  DVD- Are you showing a DVD?  For our system, the video must be burned onto a DVD-R.  What is a time that is best for you to test the DVD to make sure everything was recorded correctly?  (We recommend at least a week before your event.)


5.  MUSIC – iPod, iPad, smart phone, CDs, D.J.s or bands are most welcome.

6.  PICTURES- We have plenty of display easels available for use.  We ask that you bring in your photos the day before your event so you don’t have to worry about them the day of the wedding.

7.  ADDITIONAL ITEMS such as mementos, quilts, or other personal items for display.

That’s it!  Now let us do what we do best while you enjoy the evening with your family and friends!


How much is the deposit to reserve my day?

To secure your event day, a $500 NON-refundable deposit is required.  The NON-refundable deposit is subtracted from the total balance which is due the week before the scheduled event.

If you need to change your event date and the desired date is available, you may switch within 7 days of the first scheduling.  If it is after the first week, a $100 charge will be made for each switch. If the event is cancelled, the full deposit is NON-refundable.

However, the deposit may be used for a wedding within one year of the original day the deposit was paid.  If the wedding is cancelled within two weeks of the scheduled event, along with the $500 NON-refundable deposit, there is a $300 charge for late cancellation and all purchases made for the wedding being paid by the person who made the original deposit and signed the contract.  A detailed list of expenses will be provided, if any were made.


How many people can the facility accommodate?
  • Reception – 600 for flowing reception
  • Sit-down dinner in Banquet Hall – between 35- 170
  • Sit-down dinner in Garden Room- up to 40 (non-buffet)


When can I come walk through the facility?

Walk-throughs are welcome. Because we are a family run business, all walk-throughs are done by appointment. While we live nearby and can usually run over to meet you at the facility, please call (801) 465-0380 to schedule your appointment.



Will my wedding party get the whole building to use for the reception or do we have to pay extra?

All wedding events include the full facility.  You can have the reception or ceremony wherever you would like.  You can have it all outside, all inside, or a little of everything.

No, there is no extra charge, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  We try our very best to create the wedding you have always wanted.  We watch the weather reports very carefully and make set-up decisions the morning of your event.


Can I do my own centerpieces?

Yes!  Eight centerpieces are provided with the Friday and Saturday night bookings weddings.  However, you do not have to use them!



Can we do our own wedding cake?

We make great cakes and if you are looking for a small 4 layer cake we can take care of it for you for an extra charge.   But yes, you may get anyone you wish to do your cake and deliver it to our facility.  We will need to know the cake delivery time and who is delivering it.

We have cake plateaus and cutting sets that you are welcome to use. We just need the size of the cake bottom and the base size to make sure we have it set up when the cake is delivered.  If you need references for reputable cake artists we would be happy to refer you to some of our favorites.


Can we do our own wedding favor items for our guests?

Yes!  We have several containers, scoops and tongs for candy displays, nut, or popcorn bars. We have had wedding parties bring in items such as small potted plants, bagged popcorn or candy, nut bars, or flowers. You are welcome to bring in what you like. If you are planning on a popcorn bar there is an additional charge for the effort required for our staff to stock, maintain and keep the area clean.



How do I know how much food I should order for my wedding reception?

We use this formula which works very well for us: 1- Take the total number of invitations and remove all the invites of guests who you know will be attending.  Also remove the invites of out-of-state guests who you know will not be attending. 2 – Take the total from step one, divide by 2 and add 30%. 3 – With the total from step two, add all family members attending, including children above the age of 5.  (Family members who are there for the entire evening will be the guests who eat the most!)  This will be your total for ordering your reception food.



Do you have a bridal room and groom’s room that we can use to get ready?
Yes!  Our Bridal Dressing Suite is large enough for 10-12 girls to spend hours getting ready for your big day. It also has its own bathroom and several large mirrors to accommodate the bride’s entourage.  The Groom’s Dressing Room is smaller and doesn’t have its own bathroom, but there is plenty of space for tuxes and a couch to relax on while he waits for his bride.



Can we serve alcohol?

No alcohol of any kind is allowed on the premises.  This also includes the parking lot.  Please inform all family members and friends that will be attending the event to ensure that they are aware of this policy.

What other policies and procedures do I need to know about?
  • Noise ordinance per city code requires loud music to be discontinued after 10:30 p.m.
  • Parents are responsible for their children, especially in the gardens, keeping them on the paths and off of the large rock walls.

Let us take care of everything.  We even offer this same great service for family and corporate gatherings as well.  Come enjoy your event, leave the worry home!

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