Wedding Catering FAQ

Clarion Gardens would like to make every wedding as stress-free as possible! Our goal is for the family to enjoy their daughter’s or son’s wedding from the beginning of the day to the very last moment when the bride and groom are sent off to begin their new lives together. We take care of every detail; set-up, decorating, all linens, flowers for the tables, delicious food and even sparklers to light the way at the end of the evening.

95% of our business comes from referrals. This is the biggest compliment a business can have. Many of the brides are repeat families and friends of the bride. Year after year and sometimes several times during the same year, they found Clarion Gardens in Payson, the easiest place to have their weddings. However, we provide a relaxed catering experience at any location of their choice. Simply put- we have delicious, unique and affordable food.

If a carefree wedding sounds like a dream, Clarion Gardens can help to make that dream come true no matter where you choose to celebrate. Let us take care of almost everything, especially the details of the final day. We offer this same great service for family and corporate events as well.

Come and enjoy your event and leave the worry at home!  (Scroll Down To See FAQ)

We love your food, but would love to sample some things for our wedding. Is it possible to come do a tasting?

Most of the time it works into our schedule. We would love for you to sample our foods to see what will compliment your wedding. We love to find items that match your colors and style and fit your budget. We do however, limit the amount of items to try. It takes time to prepare the sampling.

Give us a call, we will see what we can do to help you make decisions that are best for your event

With your catering, do you accommodate for food allergies, vegetarians and vegans?

Absolutely. Over the years we have seen allergies from milk to nuts and vegetarian to vegan meals. We have had several events where we have done specific menus for these food allergies and diet options. Recipes have often been brought in by the families, or on rare occasions, certain foods have been brought in for severe conditions. Your health is very important to us, so if you need to have very specific food items that need to be brought in, let us know.

Can I bring personal items that match my wedding to add to the food table?

Absolutely! Personalize it up! Add flowers, photos, food labels, anything you would like! Please make us aware of your plans so we can make room on the buffet table. All items should be brought in the day before along with other personal items so all things are in place when your reception begins.

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