3 Vital Wedding Photo Tips

utah county wedding photographerWhether your wedding is held in Utah County or any other area in the state, there are 3 photography tips you should consider before making a final photographer choice.

 Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

The person you choose for your “Wedding Photographer” will make a great difference in the years to come when you reminisce your wedding day. This special event will come and go, but your wedding images last a life time. Using a professional photographer, over a friend or relative, is the safest way to insure you will relish looking at your photos in the future.

Chose a photographer that pleases both the bride and the groom. Even if your uncle has a “Good Camera” or your father’s boss has a son who can “Save You Money, or your future mother in law has a friend or relative that does a “Great Job”, it may not be the best for you. It is unwise to put a “once in a life time” opportunity for great lasting memories into the hands of someone you may not know, let alone not have an opportunity to review their previous work.

In the long run, if at all possible, use a professional photographer, one you have vetted, even at the risk of disappointing a friend or relative.

Choosing A Professional Photographer

If you are not sure who to choose, begin your investigation by asking other couples who they selected and if they were satisfied with their photos. Also, ask if they enjoyed working with the photographer. An easy relationship makes for better photos.

Check all of the suggested photographers’ websites to determine their style and work. You may have a particular style in mind and you should choose someone who matches that requirement. It’s unwise to ask a photographer to change their style to another mode because  you run the risk of not being satisfied if they cannot match your expectations.

Note: If the photographer does not a website where you view their previous work, I would suggest not utilizing their services. However, if there is a way you can access images of their prior wedding shoots and you are satisfied, it may be a consideration for you.

Once you have vetting your photographer and made your decision, let the them do their magic without interference from you, mom, or a friend. However, if you want a particular shot or a particular setting, by all means, let them know.

You may give them a “Shot List” ahead of time so the shoot goes smoothly. A “Shot List” may include guests you would like to have included or particular views or subjects, such as the bouquet, shoes, rings, etc. If you find a view or setting you have seen on their website that you would like duplicated, add it to the list. Professionals like to be accommodating. However, don’t go over board with your list. Again… let your photographer do their magic.

What To Do With Those “Other” Photographers

Being a former wedding photographer, I know family and friends with cameras and cell phones can be disturbing, especially during group shots when getting everyones attention and looking in the same direction is so important. Additional photographers trying to take pictures can distract the subjects, especially children and babies. Let the photographer make the calls without hindrance because there will be less risk of wandering eyes and heads turned in all directions.

If possible, let family and friends know that the photographer is in charge and it’s best not to distract them by standing behind or beside them additional taking photos. Assure them that extra copies can be made available of a particular view or shot and you will accommodate them. Or, let family and friends know that after the photographer has finished their shots, you will stand in position a bit longer and let them click their shutters to their heart’s content.

Again, if at all possible call on a professional to snap your wedding images. Besides creativity, they have fantastic equipment that will make a great difference in the outcome of your photos.

Rebecca Carter –   Clarion Gardens Event Center – Near the Payson, Utah Temple.

P.S. We have some great wedding photographers that come to Clarion Gardens. If you are in doubt on who to select, feel free to ask us. We have a few Utah County wedding photographers we can recommend to you.

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