Summer Into Fall Weddings And Receptions Review

As summer fades into fall I want to share with you some of the beautiful weddings, receptions, breakfasts and luncheons we have had at our Utah County Wedding Venue. Every event is unique in it;s own right, from beautiful color choices to cake choices, from ways to welcome guest to the wedding couple’s get away.

Every couple is unique, in their relationship. But one thing that stays the same is the love shared between the couples and their families.

At 78 degrees the garden was perfect for the wedding reception of Makayla and Austin! Not only were they a beautiful couple, but her color scheme was stunning. Look at how beautiful the garden vegetables and varieties of hummus fit in with her colors. Even the chocolate desert choices match up! Plus the whole luncheon buffet was totally gluten free! including the coconut chocolate desert.

If you recall we have had an unusually dry summer. So when an afternoon rainstorm hit right during the wedding ceremony for Zebulon and Julia we were a little surprised. The cloudy skies did make for beautiful wedding pictures. The guests were so patient as the weather progressed into a lovely evening. Don’t you just love the color pallet of this wedding…the soft colors against Zebulon’s blue suit is absolutely fabulous!

The Gilson-Call wedding luncheon and reception was held in the Clarion’s Gardens. The rich peach color and grey were just lovely with the grey-green leaves and light peach and pink roses in her bouquet. Look at her bouquet against his grey suite and tie! For lunch we served Mexican salads with Barbacoa pork and lime chicken. For their reception they chose a variety of cobblers for their guests.

The Summer weather was absolutely perfect for Brookelle and Adam’s wedding reception. The sunflower theme was a true reflection of this fun and bright couple. The cake and bouquet were so well done! and the display of wildflower seeds “thank you’s” was fabulous. We served crepes with fresh berries and banana foster for the reception refreshments.

You have to admit that you just love this picture! I just happen to hit it just right and snapped this shot over the shoulder of the photographer. The couple are in our very own Utah County wedding venue garden room. The Ficklin-Bastean wedding reception was as fun as this photo and her dynamic shoes!

The red and gold theme for Makea and Austin’s wedding reception was exquisitely done! Don’t you just love the cake! It tastes as good as it looks. Sam from Awesome Wedding Cakes in (conveniently located) Mapleton really does do an awesome job! and his prices are so very reasonable. There is something about a red bouquet that I love. This red and gold color scheme would be dynamite for a winter wedding too. Makea and Austin shared vows under a canopy of lights and chose a fruit and crepe bar for their reception guests, which fits in perfectly with the red and gold theme.

Simply Beautiful! is the best way I can describe Kaila and Dallin’s wedding reception. The cobalt blue vases and yellow and white flowers were hot! Plus look at how well they pair with the desert of vanilla bean ice cream topped with all your favorite summertime fresh fruit and berries, granola, coconut and sauces (a summertime favorite). The couples families came all the way form Alabama and Washington for this “Simply Beautiful” event.

The weather had cooled down a bit and the evening breeze through the gardens were just perfect for Megan and Kalin’s wedding reception. Again the soft colors against Kalin’s blue suit were stunning…and so was the bride! with her simple head wreath and flowing bouquet.

A breakfast buffet of biscuits and gravy, a plethora of breakfast sides with a fresh fruit platter were served the wedding guests of Cierra and Trevin. Then they were off to Payson temple for the wedding ceremony. I think it’s a great way to start the day! The whole event was as beautiful as the bride herself and and charming as the groom.

Along with 90 guests the Buss family joined us for their wedding luncheon. We served a fabulous pasta spread with a summer strawberry short cake for desert. The beautiful bride and handsome groom were so gracious. They make the perfect couple. We wish them beautiful days ahead!

Paul and Karolee’s wedding ceremony was very unique, they walked down the isle along with his sweet boys. Along with her bishops kind words, their best friends shared stories and thoughts of their commitment to each other. The rich grey, burgundy and black color scheme was ideal for a early fall weather wedding. We serve a light light lunch of chicken salad sandwiches and spring berry salad, with cupcakes for dessert.

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Looking forward to Fall and Winter Weddings,

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens, Utah County Wedding Venue

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