Chef’s Table Dining

The best Utah County catering can be found at Clarion Gardens. Welcome to the Chef’s Table, a new concept for people looking for an exceptional, high quality food experience.

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The idea behind the “Chef’s Table intention is that most of the menu will be a surprise when you arrive! This idea allows our master chef, Rick Carter, to share his creative touch for unusual cuisine. When you sign up, you will select a meat entree and we will finish up the menu with a variety of appetizers, a new salad, side dishes and always a special dessert platter. For our first Chef’s Table, guests had the choice of their entree:  Beef Short Rib or Salmon.

The evening’s menu may consist of foods cooked in a variety of different ways, ingredients that you would have never thought of using, and foods you may not consider ordering.

utah county catering payson utah clarion gardens

Unlike many of our annual dinners, which are served buffet style, the meal is beautifully plated. We want this to be a totally different dining experience. You get the benefit of Rick’s creative side and our staff gets the experience of learning to plate beautiful food.

The guest list will be kept small, which allows us to mingle with our guests, to discuss the menu and ingredients and include guest input.  Perhaps it will give you some good ideas to take home and try with your family.

We had a great experience at our first “Chef’s Table” and the guests loved that it was small and were able to get to know the people around them.

utah county catering payson utah clairon gardens

The reviews below were written during the same evening as we were serving.

“Jason- For the foodies. World class food, warm and friendly hosts, clean, nicely furnished, all around excellence.”

Trent- “The venue was stellar and the food was far better than I expected. I would happily use or recommend this again and again. I cannot believe this quality exists in a small community like Payson.”

Mike- “Best catered dinners I have ever eaten! Classy & understated!”

You will receive an e-mail announcing the date and the menu entree option 2-3 weeks in advance, when our schedule allows.

If you are not on our mailing list, make sure and sign up here, and watch for our invitation so you can clear your calendar and join us and your friends at out next “Chef’s Table”!

Rebecca and Rick Carter – best Utah County Catering

P.S. When you get your e-mail, share it with a friend so they too can enjoy the best catering in Utah County at Clarion Gardens.


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