Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes Speaks at Payson Chamber Awards Dinner

Catering Utah - Attorney General at Payson Utah Chamber DinnerUtah Attorney General, Sean Reyes was the guest speaker at the Payson Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, which honored Payson businesses. Clarion Gardens provided the Catering in Utah for this exciting event.

Reyes spoke about the business climate in the state and Utah County. He also discussed several situations, of great concern, which many citizens of Utah may not be aware of. One in particular was sex trafficking and how it is impacting Utah families, teens and young children.

Mr. Reyes has closely aligned himself with Operation Underground, an organization which helps rescue kidnapped children which are being use for sexual exploitation. In fact, Attorney General Reyes was directly involved with one underground operation sting so he could better understand the wide spread problem. He has brought this experience back to Utah in order to inform and help curtail such issues within our state.

Rick and I became aware of Operation Underground when Clarion Gardens catered a dinner in Salt Lake for the organization and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. The two groups have recently merged to give support to each other and offer intense public awareness and fund raising.

After his presentation, Attorney General Reyes, answered questions individual business owners had in relationship to employment, legal issues and what is being done to protect small businesses.

Congratulations to all Payson Business owners that received the awards, it is a pleasure to do business with you.

Thank you to the Payson Chamber and Attorney General Reyes,

Rebecca Carter – Catering in Utah

P.S. Operation Underground is one of the Utah foundations we support and it was an honor to participate by catering this event.



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