Fun Catering In Utah County for Salem Hills High School Dance

catering in utah county - Salem High Morp DanceWe love catering in Utah County, especially when it for young groups from the local high school. Several groups who attended the Salem Hills High School “Morp” dance had their casual dinner here at the Clarion. It was a blast creating high school memories.

“Morp” is “Prom” spelled backwards. It’s a dance where girls can ask the guys, everyone wears crazy clothes instead of formal attire and have a great time in a casual setting.

Our daughter, Sophie goes to Salem Hills, and helps us here at Clarion Gardens with catering events.  It was a change for her to be on the other side of a catered function, enjoying dinner and dancing with her friends.

Rick smoked his famous BBQ pork ribs and prepared teriyaki chicken, which was served with sweet potato fries and BBQ sides. Skillet cookies and ice cream were served for in utah county - salem hills high morp dance

Since my background experience includes professional photography, the cost of photos were included in the meal package. This made is so much easier for the kids to not have to rush from a place to eat, then to the school for pictures. I took single shots of each couple as well as group shots. Many of the couples had fun matching shirts, which made the photos extra fun.

Catering Utah County - Salem Hills High Utah Morp DanceThe evening was a great success and it brought back all the fun memories of my high school days, especially the music and laughter.

Rebecca Carter – Catering in Utah County

P.S.  As a reminder, Clarion Gardens is more than an just an event center. We do wedding catering and personal event catering all over Utah.  We take the pressure off of you so you can enjoy your guests.  It’s what we do best!

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