Payson Utah Temple Dedication – Catering and Weddings

Payson Utah Temple The Payson Temple dedication luncheon for the general authorities, families and invited guests was a honor to cater. Everyone involved in the dedications was invited to lunch, from volunteers to technical staff.

Since the temple does not have a cafeteria, we staged the meal in the worker’s break room next to the baptismal area of the temple. Then lunch was presented in various locations: private offices, the bride’s room and other rooms that provided enough space.

It was a simple menu that was served between dedicatory sessions and included:Payson Temple dedication luncheon menu

  • A large croissant chicken sandwich.
  • Clarion Gardens Spring-Berry Salad, with Rick’s famous berry Sweet Honey Vinaigrette.
  • Chocolate coconut and vanilla bean Mini La Cremes were offered for dessert.

Over 140 individuals were served. We had a great group that helped with the plating and arranging. It’s a joy to work with such dedicated people.

The Payson Temple is attracting couples from all over the country for marriages and sealings, mostly couples attending Brigham Young University.  By the dedication date, on June 7th, 2015, Five Hundred and Eighty couples had reserved one of the 7 sealing rooms between June to the end of August.

It is wonder they are calling the Payson, Utah, temple a “Marriage Temple,” there are two large sealing rooms which will accommodate over 78 people and 5 smaller sealing rooms.

Payson Utah Temple CateringWe are finding the same pattern for those couples who are booking for wedding dinners, luncheons and wedding receptions.  At least 50% are coming from out of state which has included Texas, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia and as far away as Tonga.                                .

Clarion Gardens in Payson is fast becoming the wedding reception center of choice in Utah County.  It is a phenomena we are are blessed to have. We are even looking for extra space so we can accommodate more catering events.

It was an honored to have been a part of the Payson, Utah, Temple dedication services. We consider ourselves very blessed to have had this opportunity and know that our gifts go far beyond our business.

It was a wonderful day!

Rebecca Carter – Utah Wedding Catering

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