Five Tips For A LDS Ring Ceremony

Payson Temple Ring Ceremony at Clarion Gardens Event Center in Payson UtahCouples who are married and sealed in the Payson Utah Temple often have family and friends who cannot witness the ceremony for one reason or another.

Therefore, the couple will have a ring ceremony in which everyone, family, friends, nieces and nephews can attend. The ceremony is generally held after the temple wedding and sealing, in conjunction with a luncheon or refreshments, depending upon the time of day.

Since governments in many foreign countries will not recognize a marriage performed in the temple, it is necessary for the couple to be married in a civil ceremony to satisfy local laws and then sealed in the temple soon after. So, reversing the ceremony celebration is not uncommon.

5 Tips for a LDS Ring Ceremony

1. In your reception invitation, add an additional card inviting select guests to the ring ceremony, especially include those who cannot attend the temple marriage and sealing. Make sure all your close friends and family are made aware that they are included in the celebration of your marriage.

2. If at all possible, make the ring ceremony look similar to what friends and family would expect in attending a civil ceremony. Seating should be arranged where all can view the bride and groom. Standing inside of an arch, or in front of a lovely background is appropriate for the bride and groom. A lovely setting is important for your guests to feel like they are part of the solemnization.

3. Often a LDS bishop will conduct the celebration, but since it is not a legal proceeding, anyone can conduct your ring ceremony. A family member or good friend, that know you well, would be fitting and may feel more comfortable to you and your guests.

4. Although legal vows are not exchanged, you can exchange kind words, or read a poem that has been written for the occasion. The person officiating can talk about the ring and what the ring symbolizes. He may include a scripture that all guests may be familiar with. There are many options, but keep the comfort of your guests in mind.

5. This is the perfect time to make your guests a part of your wedding celebration. These few moments are not a time for proselytizing or teaching LDS doctrine. It’s a time that all family and friends can rejoice in your happiness and feel comfortable in attending the event.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to exchange rings, kiss and be introduced as Mr and Mrs.

At Clairon Gardens Event Center, we have hosted many ring ceremonies for those couples married in the Payson temple. Weather permitting, the gardens are the perfect setting. allowing nature to be the background. Also, a ring ceremony can be easily be accommodated indoors. With your choice of backdrops flowers and seating arrangements.

Whether your wedding is a vow or an independent LDS ring ceremony, we will make your event one that all your guests will remember.

Rebecca Carter, Wedding Receptions and Weddings in Utah County

P.S. We would be glad to help you plan your LDS ring ceremony as part of your Payson Temple Wedding…or after any LDS Temple wedding.

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