7 Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Colors Pop

Every bride and groom that comes through our Payson, Utah Wedding Reception Center has their own unique taste and the colors they choose reflects their personalities. Although bold wedding colors seem to be the trend, pastels are still a favorite for this area.

Here are a few ideas you can play off of once you have chosen your wedding colors.

Think outside of the box when it comes to your wedding invitations and engagement photos by add your wedding colors in unusual ways for that extra pop.


Don’t you just love the simple ribbon idea on the back of the chairs? And how the wedding photos, capture some pop!

Of course you can always make a splash with unconventional footwear as a way to show off who you really are. We have seen brides wear everything from thongs and tennis shoes to platform heels. Grooms really get into this one!

Payson Utah Wedding Reception Center - Pops of Color

Add pop to his wardrobe by going beyond the usual matching tie and boutonniere with elegant cuff links, shoes and watch…he will love the extra attention.

Food is an easy way to add your wedding colors. Choosing one or two items in a desert bar, candy bar or a drink in your colors really makes those colors stand out.

Wedding favors are another easy one for adding some color pazazz. Think with a pretty jam or jelly, Chinese food containers of jelly beans or maybe homemade soaps in vintage papers.

Then, for the perfect ending to a perfect day drive off in a vintage car flashing your wedding colors.

Looking to have your wedding or reception at our Payson, Utah Wedding Reception Center?  We would love to help you make your wedding unique to you and your sweetheart.

Rebecca Carter


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