Creating A Grand and Romantic Wedding Exit

Pull out all of the stops and get out your dreams. Now is the time to embrace your romantic idea of the grand wedding exit.

At the Clarion Gardens Wedding Reception Center in Payson, Utah we have witnessed some pretty fabulous wedding exits. In fact a grand exit is usually the best part of the night. With perfect planing, with simple to amazing props you can do it in your very own style.


Sparklers: Exiting at night through sparklers is our absolute favorite exit. In fact it so good that if you can do it you should! The photo opportunities are magic and every one has so much fun.


Balloons: A balloon send off is another visually exciting exit. It creates a grand showcase that is fun for kids and adults alike. Everyone has a blast sending well wishes into the universe. (You can find bio-degradable balloons.)

Luftballons bei einer Hochzeitsfeier


The Toss: When creating a fun toss that is unique, you have plenty of choices like birdseed, dried lavender or fresh petals, each in it’s own cleaver packaging. Because we like to protect our gardens, we appreciate choices that are natural and easy to clean up.

Guest Send Off: A guest send off was one of the most endearing wedding exits I have ever witnessed.

At the end of the night the couple stood at the door to say good bye to to each guest. This not only created some of the most tender moments of the night, it was a unique photo opportunity for the guests and for the photographer.

Photo Credit - Kate Benson Photography

Once all of the guests were gone, hugs and kisses over, the family sent the couple off in fountain of fireworks.


Throw caution to the wind and go wild, use your imagination when it comes to how you will leave your wedding guests.

Your Own Car: Keeping the tradition of driving off in your own car can be a blast. Let your friends decorate your car and bring around just in time for your exit.

If you want to protect your car’s paint, let your friends know; there are plenty of fun ways to decorate without touching the paint. Window paint or a just married sign is a good alternative. They can fill the car with balloons, add the traditional trailing cans, colorful ribbons or fun streamers. If the guys are involved be prepared for pranks.

Rear view of a vintage car with just married sign and cans attached

Wedding Receptions - Payson Utah Wedding Venue - Clarion Gardens Event Center

Vintage Cars: Want a show stopper? check out  Something Vintage Something Blue for the most beautiful vintage cars. Your photographer will want to include your decadent choice in your photo shoot.


Horse Drawn Carriages: Be chauffeured in a style that is ever so romantic. Burch and Sons Horse Drawn Carriages right here in Utah County make this and easy elegant choice to make.



Plan the details and let us know who, how and when, we will provide the where and the help. If you need assistance in planning your Payson, Uath wedding reception grand exit, let me know, I have plenty experience in making it go just right.

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens, Wedding Reception Center in Payson, Utah

P.S. As part of our “All Inclusive Wedding” packages we help you co-ordinate all parts of your wedding day.

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