10 Photography Tips For Utah County Weddings

When it comes to Wedding Photography, we are so fortunate to live in Utah County. First there is a plethora of fabulous wedding photographers. Then we have the most unique surroundings for exquisite photographs, including the Clarion Gardens, Utah County wedding venue.

Here are 10 Wedding Photography tips for taking advantage of our good fortune.

1. Hire a professional photographer: Your wedding is a snapshot in time that deserves to be preserved. You have painstakingly planned the perfect wedding venue, the perfect dress and flowers to die for. Now is not the time skimp on capturing all of it.

Utah County Wedding Tips - Clarion Gardens Payson Utah


2. Do not cut photography out of your budget: Yes, I know budget for a professional photographer is a concern. Before opening a Payson, Utah, wedding venue, I was a professional wedding photographer.

“Why is wedding photography so expensive?” was one of the most frequently asked questions. From my experience I know that it takes considerable time to do consultations, engagements, bride and groom pictures, wedding and reception sessions. Then there is the professional editing and getting the pictures back to you in a form that works best.

Not to mention the fact that experience counts when it comes to beautiful photography.

At your wedding and years from now you will be glad you fit a professional into your budget.

3. Family and Friend Photographers: There really are good times to use your family and friends as your photographers. Here are just a few ideas to spark you imagination:

  • Invite them to photograph you choosing just the right dress.
  • Have them photograph the proposal or the moment you tell your dad.
  • Get them to photograph candid photos of you planning your wedding.
  • As a planning keepsake, get photos of you at the wedding venue you have chosen.
  • Invite them to do the shoot of your bridal shower.

4. Choose the right photographer for you: Most likely, by the time you are ready to hire a photographer you have a good idea of the styles you like. To find a photographers that lean toward your style start on the web. Then meet with those who are on the top of your list. At this time you can determine who will be the perfect fit.

Although some grooms are not very involve in the wedding planning you will want to bring him to these meetings because you want the photographer to bring out the best in both of you. A good photographer will make you feel relaxed at every shoot.

Utah County Wedding Reception Center- Clarion Gardens In Payson Utah - Photography Tips


5. Do a bride and groom sessions before your wedding: Instead of just doing bridals, invite your “to be” to do a join photo shoot (bridal/groomal shoot.) This will give you time to get the candid shots you really want. Also this is a great time to show your style and include the things you love to do together.

Utah County Wedding Reception Center- Clarion Gardens In Payson Utah - Photography Tips


6. Make a List: The moments captured in time are your keepsakes, make a list of who and what is most important to you. Most photographers do a great job of getting a big variety of photos, you want to make sure they get the shots you want in your photo albums.

  • Include your special guests, grandparents and important friends.
  • List family groups that are important.
  • Note all the things that are unique to you and your sweetheart.
  • Have shots of your decor and and your food tables.

7. Take advantage of natural surroundings: Some of the most unique shots use our natural surroundings. The gardens here at the Clarion are perfect for your photo session.

Utah County Reception Center, Clarion Gardens in the Spring

Just imagine your pictures in our gardens.

And of course you if you have your wedding at Payson, Utah Temple, you want to take advantage of the exquisite natural settings. The grounds are dynamic no matter what time of year you have your wedding. Visit the temple grounds before hand to choose the areas you like the best.

8. Eat: This tip may sound a little odd, but as a photographer I know this tip works. It is easy to get distracted with all that you have going on, but don’t forget to eat. You want to be at your best and have fun during your photo sessions.

9. Keep your own photo journal: Start with dating pictures right up through your honeymoon. As you know this is pretty easy to do these days, it is just a matter of remembering.

Photograph each other and take plenty of selfies. Use these fun photos on Instagram and Facebook. Save your favorite ones and use them as part of your wedding reception decorations.

10. Find unique ways to display your photographs:  Now that you have lots of fabulous photos, you can have fun displaying all of your photos at your wedding.


This is such a great idea at an entrance to the gardens! It’s over 5.5′ tall, weatherproof and comes on a great stand! Really inexpensive also. Contact us! We can get one or two for you.

Have Fun!

Rebecca Carter, Clarion Gardens, Utah County Wedding Receptions

P.S. Most Important Shot: One shot you will cherish is a “First Look Shot.” This is when he sees you for the first time in your dress. This can be staged at your bridal/groomal photo session. I have seen this photo capture emotions that are not found at any other time.


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