Choosing A Summer Wedding Color Palette

A summer wedding reception in Utah can be glorious because there is such an large array of flowers in bloom to help you along in choosing your wedding color palette.

I want to share with you three Clarion Garden summer weddings where the couple chose bold colors for their wedding palettes.

Clarion Garden Palette Ideas

Red and Coral

Red and coral

red and coral palette

Lavender and Purple



Coral and Turquoise

wedding pallet @ 100% (Layer 13, RGB_8)

coral and turquoise palette

Selecting a color palette doesn’t have to be difficult but there are a few considerations that may help you in making your choice.

1.  Narrow Your Options Early

If you narrow down your color palette early, it seems to make the rest of the reception planning much easier. Generally the first thing a wedding planner will ask is, “What are your colors?” So, having a pretty good idea of your color palette will be eliminates a lot of stress down the road.

2.  Choose What You Love

It use to be that the softer color shades were used in the spring and early summer weddings such as pinks, lavender and pastels, leaving the brighter corals, reds, sunflower yellow and purples for mid to late summer celebrations. That certainly is not the case anymore.

Choose what you love and don’t over think it.

3.  Color Research

Magazines, as well as previous weddings you have attended, are all great sources for inspiration. The color pallet chips at a paint store can often be an inspiration. They may get you thinking in a completely different direction than you would have considered otherwise.

4.  Your Wedding Setting

If you have a color palette in mind before you begin your venue search, your palette choice may help you in making your wedding setting selection. Venues in which the surroundings are neutral are the best because it’s like working with a blank canvas and any palette you love is a possibility. On the other hand, the venue itself may help you make your palette decision. For instance, if your wedding or reception is going to be held in a garden, the location itself may help you make your final color selection depending upon what will be in bloom.

Remember… choose what you love.

Rebecca Carter – Utah Summer Wedding Receptions – Clarion Gardens –  Payson, Utah

PS – If the Clarion Gardens can be of service to you in making your Utah wedding reception color selection, simply give us a call. Our summer gardens are just the place to get inspiration and, of course, hold your lovely wedding.

PPS –  If you are still early in the process of selecting your palette, here is a perfect palette site. You will have a lot of colors ideas to choose from.

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