Tips For Choosing Your Boutonniere Flowers

wedding-boutionniereChoosing a Utah wedding florist that can express the sensibilities of your special day is important. Every bride and groom want their wedding flowers to reflect their personalities and style. Wedding boutonnieres are no exception. Everything from a traditional feel, a contemporary look to a completely unorthodox appearance is acceptable in today’s wedding celebrations. So, shop around for a Utah wedding florist that can meet your particular boutonniere vision and specifications.

Choosing Your Boutonniere Flowers

All though it is customary for the boutonniere flower choice to come from the bridal bouquet bloom selection, many couples are departing from tradition and using complementary florals to enhance the grooms attire.

Whatever flower choice is made, make sure your boutonniere will last the entire celebration. Many blooms wilt after a few hours, especially if you are outdoors in a warmer climate. If there is a chance your boutonniere faces an early demise, your florist can give you hardy bloom suggestions. The same considerations apply to the bridal bouquet.

Boutonniere Flower Choices

There are three traditional flower choices that are used in wedding boutonnieres: carnations, roses, and lilies.


Carnations have always been a standard because they are simple, affordable and easy to find. A group of miniature carnations can be smashing and will dress up the simplest of suits. They can last up to two weeks, which is longer than roses. This is a plus point if blooms must carry over for a few days.

rose- boutionnieres
Roses have been traditionally the wedding flower of choice. It is considered the most formal flower and have been regarded as the flower of love. When professionally prepared, they can generally last your entire celebration. Simply keep them cool when they are not in use. Misting them also helps. If you select roses, consider using miniature buds in a grouping. They can be stunning.

Lilies or orchids are an elegant choice, whether in a grouping or single. Callas last nicely in a boutonniere. However, they need to be hydrated well before they are arranged. They are also splendid displayed on a cake. Let your florist know that you are expecting the flowers to last the duration of your event so they will make sure the blooms are properly prepared.

Natural Elements

natural bouteeners
berries- boutonniere

Natural Elements such as herbs, succulents, berries leaves, pine, juniper, wheat, weeds and feathers can be extraordinary. One of the benefits, besides being inexpensive, is that they last a long time and can be used over a period of several days if necessary. This new contemporary look is becoming more and more popular.

Consider the Season

Flowers which are in season are generally less expensive than those blooms which are not. For instance, using mums in the fall is a smart choice because they are plentiful. Don’t shy away from bold, rich colors because they can add a stunning touch to an otherwise modest, traditional look.

Be Creative

unorthodox boutonnieresAgain, it is customary for the flowers to be the same in the bridal bouquet and the boutonniere, couples are departing from tradition and using complementary flower arrangements. It’s your wedding, and there are unlimited variations and combinations that are affordable, beautiful and dramatic. Discuss options with your florist, they are generally more than happy to be able to express your creativity away from the traditional floral arrangement.

At Clarion Gardens, we support local Utah Wedding Florists in our area. We have a list of talented and reputable florists that we recommend who will give you excellent service at reasonable prices. Give us a call if you need suggestions on who to acquire to arrange your wedding florals.

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens – Utah Wedding Venue

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