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Chef Rick CarterOften customers call and want to know what makes Clarion Gardens Utah County Catering unique? I didn’t have to think long in order to answer their questions. To begin with, it really comes down to Rick’s love of cooking and his enthusiasm to try new recipes.  I would say that we are unique to Utah Catering in 6 specific ways, but more about that after a little background information.

Ricks Cooking Background

Rick learned to cook for himself after his mom went to work and he became tired of frozen dinners. He began experimenting in the kitchen and found he really enjoyed the experience. His father was a great dutch oven cook so Rick learned the fine art of dutch oven cooking while hunting with family and friends and soon he was exceeding their expectations with tasty options.

Rick has been the chef at out house since we were married. In fact, he pretty much did all the cooking and I provided the clean up. Rick was always trying new recipes and so we enjoyed a great variety of cuisine, including bear stew, and ostrich fajitas.

You might say we began our present business in our home as couples paid to come to dinner and watch the chef at work and enjoyed the delectable results. Soon it became apparent we needed a larger place to share Rick’s talent, thus, Clarion Gardens Event Center and Utah catering services was born.

clarion gardens utah catering

1.  Scratch Cook:  Rick is a scratch cook which means we don’t purchase pre-made items from other catering sources. For instance, he makes his own salad dressings and cinnamon rolls, for which he is famous.  (Can you believe we can purchase pre-made mashed potatoes?)  Not on your life at the Clarion.

clarion gardens utah catering cinnamon rolls

2. Variety:  We offer a tremendous variety in our standard catering menu options but if our customers want something unique or special, Rick does his homework, and then adjusts and fine tunes the recipe until he has it just right. We had a customer who was from Mexico who wanted authentic Birria (a spicy meat stew) served for a special event and was so pleased with the results because it “tasted just like it came from home.”

Our client, Scott and Karen Keller  entertain a variety guests in their Salt Lake home. When a Crossfit group required a Paleo Diet, Rick was happy to provided that departure from our standard catering menu.

In other words, we are happy to accommodate special menu requests.

clairon gardens utah county catering special requests

3. Unique Services:  We have several customers who require special services. One is preparing meals to be served on air flights leaving the Provo Airport. Special attention has to be paid to the menu as it often times is not served immediately upon our arrival. Rick loves to spoil these clients with dishes you would not normally expect to be served on a flight.
clarion gardens catering provo airport

4. From Formal to Casual:  From Halibut Oscar with Bearnaise Sauce and melt-in-your mouth Prime Rib to a bona fide Southern Boil, nothing is too complex for Rick to master. In fact, he loves a good challenge. So, if you have a unique menu in mind, whether formal or casual don’t hesitate to ask.

clairon gardens utah catering formal to casual

5.  Smoked and Grilled Cookery:  If there any cooking method Rick prefers, I believe it’s BBQ. He delights in stoking up the smoker that resided in the back corner of Clarion Gardens. No prepared wood chips for him. He uses a variety of real hardwood for smoking and preparing his meat. Everything from steaks and chicken, to stuffed salmon come off the grill just perfect. And, if your party is off site (away from Clarion Gardens) and you desire BBQ… we are prepared to accommodate your desire. Grilled veggie kabobs or asparagus are just the ticket for a unique companion to your meat selection.


6.  Take-Out Catering: We have a convenient take-out service for those who like to pick it up.  It’s great for those who want individual servings or a unique pot luck for a family party or social event. clarion gardens utah county catering takeout

What more can I say, other than we love to accommodate your Utah catering needs with well prepared, melt-in-your-mouth, finger-licking, lip-smacking, delicious cuisine.

Rebecca Carter – Clairon Gardens Utah County Catering and Utah Catering

P.S.  Pssst.  Many of our Utah Catering services are fulfilled in Salt Lake and surrounding area.  However, if you live down south….St George?”  No problem!

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