8 Wedding Planning Tips – Details For Making Your Day Go Smoother

As Utah County’s best wedding venue, we have 8 wedding tips that will help make your special day go smoother with fewer hiccups.

1. Outdoor Wedding Option

garden weddingIf your wedding or reception is to be held outside, make sure you have an alternative location reserved well in advance. No matter how well you plan ahead, you may find that Mother Nature has a mind of her own when it comes to weather on your special day. Also, arrange in advance for those who will move the decorations and refreshments and other particulars if you have to change the venue quickly.

Fortunately, if you have chosen the Clarion Gardens as your venue, you can relax. We are always prepared to move your garden wedding into our main reception or garden room. We keep a close watch on the weather and consult with you if there is a chance that your outdoor plans may not work out.

2. Close Contact Comfort

breath mints -1You and your wedding party will be in close contact with each other as well as with your guests. Place a bowl of breath mints in the bride’s dressing room as well as the groom’s room. Or, gift wrap a roll of breath mints, as a little pre-wedding favor, for each member of your wedding party, including moms and dads. Small mesh or organza bags are idea for this purpose. I guarantee your wedding party will appreciate this little detail.

3. Extra Camera

 wedding cameraEven though you have planned for a professional photographer to take your wedding photos, have your own quality camera on hand in case of an unexpected setback. Put in fresh batteries so they will not die in the middle of the wedding or reception. Arrange to have someone you trust as the alternative photographer. And, it’s wise not to just depend upon a cell phone for high quality photos, so be prepared.

4. Wedding Emergency Kit

wedding emergency kitPrepare a crisis kit in advance that you can have on hand in the bridal dressing room. It could contain items like a hair dryer, sewing kit, scissors, safety pins, super glue, bobby pins, eye drops, Tylenol or Ibuprofen, a lint brush, note pad and pen, etc.  Anything you can think of that may be needed by any of your wedding party, slip into this kit.

5. Calm Surroundings

keep calm weddingIn your bridal suite, surround yourself with one or two of your calmest and most down to earth friends or relatives. Avoid high-strung or over emotional people to assist you.  You know who they are. If necessary, give these individuals something to do away from the dressing area. You want to feel calm when you appear in front of your guests.

6. Securing Gift Tags

wedding gift tagHave several rolls of scotch tape at the gift table to securely attach or re-attach the the cards to the correct gifts before they are loaded into a vehicle at the end of the reception.


7. Get Away Car

wedding getaway carNever arrive at your reception in the car you will be taking on your honeymoon, unless you don’t mind having someone use white or black shoe polish to decorate your vehicle with messages, or attach sticky-notes all over or toilet paper and what all to your bumpers and door handles.  Arrange to have a person you trust pick you up and take you to the reception and then back to your car after the celebration is over.

If you feel it necessary to hide your vehicle, leave it with a friend you can count on  who will not divulge it’s location. Oh… Groom, make sure it’s clean, the tires are in good shape and it’s in good working order so you won’t meet with any inconvenient surprises during your honeymoon.

8. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.

delegateGive others you trust some of the wedding responsibilities so you don’t have to worry about it all. For instance, give the list of items for your Wedding Emergency Kit to your maid of honor. Have her put the kit together and make sure it arrives at the venue. I bet she’ll come up with helpful additional items on her own.

If you are trying to keep some friends or relatives away from the dressing areas, give them special assignments such greeting guests, or ushering guests to seats or seat them at the book register.

If you are having a table prepared to show off your trousseau items, assign it to a creative friend or relative and relieve yourself of those last minute particulars.

Divide the responsibilities of the details between the brides maids and grooms men instead of over loading one person with a lot of duties. People like to feel they are apart of the success of your wedding.

We Love To Help

If we, at Clarion Gardens, can be of help to you in any way, give us a call. We want your day to be one your will always remember with fondness.

Rebecca Carter  – Clarion Gardens, Utah County Best Wedding Reception Venue



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