Rick’s Famous Southern Boil, A Hillbilly Feast and Hillbilly Fun

Utah County Catering at it’s finest! And you are invited – “Clarion Gardens Annual Southern Boil.”

Every year Clarion Gardens Utah Catering stops everything for a hillbilly feast that even our old Uncle Otis Ray would die for.

Rick’s very own Southern Boil recipe hits the spot: Sausage, shrimp, snow crab, clams, mussels, potatoes and corn impeccably seasoned and boiled to perfection and served with herb butter. This fun dinner is ideal for a hungry outdoor party crowd.

Because catering is a major part of our business it may seem silly that we would put on a party for the fun of it. But we do! We love getting together with family and friends to serve up our favorite dinner.

“We had a wonderful time and enjoyed eating all we wanted of the great seafood, bread and dessert.  Thank you and we look forward to this next year” -B. Jones

“It was a real experience….tons of seafood….it was fun and we ate like…well, not exactly like kings…but maybe like “oink!” The couple in charge were great….Wow!” -Martins

Get in on the fun and loads of seafood, register for this years Southern Boil.

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens Catering and Events in Payson, Utah.

P.S. For Utah County Wedding Catering or for that matter any Catering in Utah, Call us! We have a full catering menu of Rick’s remarkable, delectable delights.

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