Today Is A Beautiful Day – Garden Wedding Reception

Utah Count Garden Wedding Venue in Payson Utah - The Clarion Gardens Event Center

When looking for a Utah County garden wedding venue for your wedding luncheon or reception, Clarion Gardens is in full bloom for the during the entire summer and into fall, therefore an outstanding choice. Weather permitting, we schedule garden weddings and special events even though the mid autumn months because the gardens remain lovely until frost.

Utah County Garden Wedding Venue, Clarion Gardens Event Center is perfect for weddings day or night.

My favorite time of the day at Clarion Gardens is 5:30 am when I’m in watering the containers and manicuring the garden details. The fountains are on, there’s not a car on the road and the birds are beginning to welcome the new day. I’m reminded of a quote by Maya Angelou, “Today is a beautiful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

The message is also true for me as I walk in the beautifully landscaped locations and witness the the changes at different times of day. New flowers appear, the ground cover is spreading it’s wings and the birds are drinking from the birdbath. Many of them have made their home retreat beneath the canopy of trees. “Yes, today is a beautiful day.”

If you take your morning walk in the area, stop by and sounder through our garden or come in, sit and read a book.

Clarion Gardens in Payson Utah - Utah County Garden Wedding Venue

In the evening, after the sun has set, the glow of the lights create a certain romantic ambience. It becomes a romantic place and is so ideal for evening garden wedding or social event. Guests seem to linger longer, visiting with family and friends, against the backdrop of lush foliage and bright blooms.

Utah County Garden Wedding Venue in full fall colors.

In September, our guests savor our annual event of Stuffed Salmon and Steak buffet dinner in the cool of the garden before the onset of fall. We greet our guests for our annual German Oktoberfest celebration in October, under the amazing colors of autumn. We would love to join us for these events before the garden take its winter nap.

Rebecca Carter – Utah County Garden Wedding Venue

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