Amazing Utah County Wedding Cakes

amazing wedding cakes cheap utah county - Clarion Gardens Payson UtahUtah County Wedding Cake Designers are some of the best in the business. There are several that we highly recommend. Today I would like to introduce you to “Awesome Wedding Cakes Cheap” owned and operated by Sam Keele in Mapleton, Utah.

Don’t let the name of his business fool you, there is nothing cheap about his wedding cakes, except the price. His wedding cakes are beautiful. In fact, the name of the business says it all. “They are awesome.” You can rest assured that this talented award winning cake designer will meet your expectations for beauty as well as taste.

Simple Elegance

There is no doubt that Sam can create a cake that is simple, yet astonishing elegant. For instance, a simple all white cake creates a classic and sophisticated demeanor, while adding touches of color adds a more, yet fashionable charm. Even in simplicity, there are so many options.

Utah County wedding cakes - Clarion Gardens Payson Utah

A Touch of Floral

Sam creates wedding cake wonders with fresh flowers as well as buttercream artistry. Cakes adorned with flowers can easily express the season of your wedding. Flowers offer such an amazing variety, whether the hues are intense or soft. No matter the type of flowers or colors you select, Sam’s artistry will make your wedding cake noteworthy.

Wedding cake Utah County - Clarion Gardens Payson Utah

Designer Delights

Designer cakes can be tailor-made to match the personality or theme of your wedding. Sam is a master at making uncommon requests a reality. Whether it’s a Minnie Mouse cake or one that captures a particular season, or expresses your hobbies, with Sam’s talent and experience you will not be disappointed.

Utah County Wedding Cake Bakery - Clarion Gardens Payson Utah

Meet Sam Keele

awesome wedding cakes utah county sam keeleSam Keele has been in business since his high school days in 1975, learning the trade at his father’s bakery in Santa Maria, California. In 1985, He worked at Ralph’s grocery store for a time, then Smith Food for two years and two years later became the Bakery Manager for Safeway.

Eventually Sam took the opportunity to purchase his Father’s bakery with his brother. He perfected his skills as a baker and cake decorator, averaging five wedding cakes a week. They stayed very busy.

In 2003, Sam and his wife and children moved to Mapleton, Utah where they opened their Utah County Wedding Cake Bakery. (And yes, they are prepared to serve all of Utah.)

For full details, about “Awesome Wedding Cakes Cheap” including prices, cake sizes and flavors, visit there wedding cake website here. There is a huge cake photo gallery on the site for you to view. In fact, the variety and possibilities will astound you. Of course, Sam wants your cake to represent you and your partner’s persona on your very special day so your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

We at Clarion Gardens, enjoy working with Sam at “Awesome Wedding Cakes Cheap.” He can be found at 301 East Maple Street, Mapleton, Utah. Give him a call at 801-368-2433 and make an appointment to arrange for a beautiful, inexpensive wedding cake that tastes wonderful.

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens – Just two miles from the Payson, Utah temple.

PS. In the future, we will be featuring other Wedding Cake Bakeries that we love in Utah County. We are fortunate to have so many talented Wedding Cake Designers in the area for you to choose from.

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