Utah County Wedding Florists – Summer Insta-Blooms

So you have been drooling over dresses, shoes and jewelry, now it is time to drool over summer wedding flower designs by some of the best Utah Wedding County Florist. In fact, if you click on each picture Instagram makes it really easy to see what they could possibly do for you.

Utah County Wedding Florists of Instagram


Love Blooms Floral

Want to add personality and emotion to your wedding florals? Whether you want to go rustic, earthy, elegant or romantic, Adrien would be a perfect fit for you.

Karen J Florals

Need help in choosing flowers for your wedding? Meet with Karen J. Luke to find a specific selection unique just to you.

Callie Co Floral and Events – Callie Nybo

Classic designs that speak in colors! Callie creates floral designs with heart. You will be impressed and so will everyone else!

I love this peachy pink stock! Especially paired with those mint succulents! ?: @sweet.lemon.photography

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Careys Designs Floral

From classic to sleek modern designs with simple elegance Careys will take special care to ensure your bouquets and floral decor reflect your individual style and budget.

Rosebud and Dimples Floral

If you are looking for unique combinations or the industrial look, this florist would make an excellent choice, she creates with a real WOW factor.

I am a big fan of color!! Now, don't get me wrong, I generally dress in dark colors and have a lot more navy, black and grey in my closet but it's different when it comes to flowers. Pink was on my radar yesterday and @redmutah has these blooms I fell in love with. What you can't see is the Jasmine….and you don't get the luxury of the smell of Jasmine, it is heavenly. I enjoy all of the people there who greet with a smile and ask more than once if I need any help. Shout out to @jeffredston13 for excellent customer service, thank you, thank you! . . . . #utahflorist #utahfloraldesign #utahgram #utahvalleyflorist #utahfloral #utahcountyflorist #funeralflowers #funeralflorist #utahfuneralfloraldesigner #funeralservice #eaglemountain #eaglemountainflorist #jasmineflower #springtulips #floralbouquet #giversgain #communityovercompetition #tuesdaystogether #springbouquet #utahweddingflorist #pinkflowers

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The Pear Blossom

You will have to agree that fresh, vibrant and remarkable are good words to describe florals by Emily White.

White Lily Lane

If you have not considered using silk flowers you will change your mind when you see what this Utah County Wedding Florist can do!

Lily and Iris

With a huge array of florals to choose from your wedding flowers will be a one-of-a-kind design crafted especially for you.

3C Floral

Strike the perfect chord of inspired fun and elegant floral designs by 3C Floral of Spanish Fork.

Wright Floral Company

When it comes to taking simplicity and making it elegant, Wright’s floral designers do a fabulous job.

One of 5 bridal bouquets we did today. We scheduled four more weddings today. We love weddings.

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Tips for choosing a Utah County Wedding Florist

I am sure you would agree that there is a lot to choose from, each florist brings unique and clever designs to the table. So I have put together tips to help you choose a florist:

Act quickly, call your florist choices as soon as you have chosen your wedding venue, dress and jewelry. These Utah County Wedding Florists are very busy, especially during wedding season.

Ask how the process works. Be sure to ask how their process works. You want a florist willing to work with you and someone you can trust to guide you through all details and options. Collaboration and trust are two words that come to mind for choosing a Utah County wedding florist.

Shared ideas on Instagram will give you a good start on choosing your florist. You should share your ideas with your florist. Make it easy to collaborate by bringing your own images of what you like, include any particular flowers and design elements you absolutely love.

Be prepared, brainstorming will be much easier if you are ready to show your florist what you and your party will be wearing and where you will be holding your wedding event. Don’t forget to include your jewelry and shoes so that the florist will get the full picture to work from. Also, include information about your cake and the baker if you will be using flowers on your cake.

Have fun! choosing all the design elements that bring life to your wedding.

Rebecca Carter



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