Utah County Wedding Trends Changing

We are beginning to see a Utah county wedding trend that seems to be increasing in popularity, which is unusual wedding celebrations with fewer guests. Even though there are still plenty of couples who want a reception that include a lot of guests, there are those who are moving toward a smaller intimate gathering of family and close friends.

Since a smaller, close atmosphere for dinner, or a luncheon is becoming very popular and we have been making adjustments in our scheduling as well as adding to our menus to reflect this new wedding inclination.

For instance, at Clarion Gardens, our Breakfast-Brunch menu is becoming very favorable. Since our location is only 3 miles from the Payson Temple,couples are asking family and friends to join them for breakfast/brunch before the wedding takes place in the afternoon. This arrangement allows the wedding pair more time to prepare for their evening wedding reception or for those who are not having an evening event, the couple is free to proceed to their honeymoon destination before a late evening hour.

Creative Weddings

We are also seeing a serge in “Creative Weddings.” Everything from unusual wedding attire to uncommon wedding themes to unusual celebrations are becoming the norm.

Recently, one couple has scheduled breakfast before their late morning wedding with family and close friends. After the wedding ceremony has been completed, they are taking their guests to Yuba Lake near Levan, Utah for an afternoon of water skiing.

These are exciting times to be planning a wedding and Clairon Gardens enjoys helping make your unusual wedding plans a reality. Also, bear in mind, our summer gardens are especially lovely at this time of year.

We invite you to look at our Breakfast/Brunch Menu and consider an early or late morning gathering, if it fits your ceremony schedule. We love a challenge, so if you have something in mind, we would love to hear from you. Simply give us a call as we are happy to accommodate such a request.

Rebecca Carter –  Utah County Wedding

P.S. Bride photo/Jodi McDonald Photography


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