Blended Family Wedding Ceremony and Celebration

clarion gardens blended family wedding The Clarion Gardens, a Utah County wedding venue, has found an increased demand for celebrating the uniting of two families, creating a blended family. It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms with children from previous relationships to ask for creative ideas for incorporating children into the marriage ceremony or reception. And, of course we love to accommodate by offering a few tips and ideas that may be helpful in making this special day one your family will fondly remember.

Planning Your Wedding

Include the children in the planning phase of the wedding. Value their ideas and include some of their proposals in the wedding day preparation as well as the actual festivities.

1. Children can contribute by helping with projects such as wedding favors, place cards and decorations. Even young children can participate in many of the preparations such adhering stamps to the invitations.

2. Include your children in the engagement photo shoot. Informal photos of all family members playing together at the park or at the beach may be more favorable than a formal setting.

3. Children can be included in the selection of the wedding cake, wedding attire, flowers and the wedding menu.

The more you can include them in the preparations, the more successful the actual wedding day will be because, they too, have made an investment of ideas, time and energy.

blended family at the beach

Wedding Day Celebration

Including all of the children on the actual day of the wedding is important too. It not only makes for very special memories, but it give them the opportunity to feel unified on that noteworthy day.  Make a unique place for each child to participate in the festivities.

1. Your wedding reception attendants can be your teen step children. A bride can invite her new daughter to be her brides maid or maid of honor. A new step son can be invited to be the best man to his new father.

2. Younger children can be the ring bearers.  Even if there are four children taking the ring down the isle, they will all feel special. As for flower girls, the more the merrier.

3. If age appropriate, they can take part in the wedding vows. The bride and groom can write or include in their own wedding vows assurances to their children. If appropriate, children can also express their commitment to the family by adding their own vows.

4.  Participation can be as simple as a joint performance at the wedding reception. Not only does it make for a special memory, but they may have fun practicing for the actual performance. Dancing, a group song and even stand-up comedy would be enjoyable. A special toast could be given by the children to their parents at the dinner or reception.

5. Solidarity can be expressed at your wedding as simply as featuring a signboard, a hanging sign, or a family chalk board sign at the guest entry. Digital chalk board signs and wooden sign boards can be purchase online. After the wedding, these presentations, whether on canvas or in a frame can be displayed in your home as a reminder that everyone is included in the new family setting.


Unique Gifts For The Children

The bride and groom can give each of the children a unique wedding gift that can communicate pleasure in having them included in the new family setting.

1. Jewelry is a fun way to express a welcome. If you cannot find a local supplier, there are many online opportunities to personalize necklaces, bracelets or key chains.  A piece of jewelry, which includes their birthstone, is a personal, thoughtful consideration.

2. For young children, a classic book of fairy tales would be a lovely gift. For older children, a nice book with a heartfelt inscription would be great.

3.  An engraved photo frame with an image of the family from a previous activity or a stuffed toy with a keepsake tag which includes all of the names of family members would be delightful.

4. Wooden trade tokens are a great idea and are reasonable in price. They make wonderful keepsakes that can be used over and over again.
clarion garden payson utah wedding gifts blended families

Handle with Care

The most important thing is to be sensitive to your own particular situation. Sometimes, blended families need time to feel comfortable with their new family arrangement. Both the bride and groom have intuitive instincts about their own children which can help guide wedding involvement, plans and arrangements.

At Clarion Gardens, we want to make your blended family experience as comfortable as possible. We have several wedding packages that can meet a variety of requirements.  Let us know how we can help you and your particular needs.

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