Dessert Bars Are All The Rage


Decadent Dessert Bar for Wedding Reception Catering - Clarion Gardens Event Center Payson Utah

A sweet dessert bar can make your wedding wedding reception as unique as and you and your sweetheart. Join the dessert bar rage, for a perfect way to celebrate the perfect day!

Tips For Creating a Unique Dessert Bar

Choose a Focal Point – Use one large item as a focal point for your dessert bar. This could be a clever candy display or even your wedding cake. A large floral arrangement makes an excellent focal point for your dessert table.

Sweet as Pie – Delight your guests with a pie bar. Choose light fluffy pies for spring and summer and heavy fruit pies for fall and winter. At the Clarion we serve BYU ice cream; doesn’t their vanilla ice cream sound good with peach pie?

It’s a Guy Thing – Choose chocolate! Fiance′s go for dessert bars in a BIG way, it is often their first choice when it comes to wedding reception catering and chocolate desserts are their #1 dessert choice.

Serve Your Wedding Cake – Cut your cake early, take plenty of pictures and video, then delight your guests by putting your cake on your dessert bar. It is a simple way to serve your cake and make every one part of the celebration.

Color Co-ordinate – Choose desserts that will color co-ordinate with your wedding colors. This can easily be done with different colored frosting, fruits and candies.

Call me I would be glad to help you choose the perfect fit from our dessert menu.

Rebecca Carter – Utah Wedding Reception Catering

WoW! Desserts for your Utah Wedding Reception by Clarion Gardens Payson Utah - Serving All of Utah

Unique Utah Wedding Reception Catering - Desserts by Clarion Gardens Catering in Payson Utah



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