5 Simple Wedding Cake Tips To Keep In Mind

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Choosing The Cake Style of Your Dreams

Selecting a wedding cake is so much fun but can also be a bit perplexing. Simply by following the wedding cake tips we have gathered from our Utah wedding catering experience, the task should be less confusing.

Spend time browsing the latest magazines, preferably within the season of when you plan to have your wedding. For instance, if you plan to dress your cake with fresh flowers, the selection of flowers available in the spring are different than you would select if your wedding falls during the winter months. In any case, you will want to choose flowers that will last the evening. Your florist can help you choose what will work best for your season.

Pintrest is fast becoming one of the best wedding idea resources available. Bakers, as well as individuals, contribute to this forum frequently so you have plenty of options to consider.

Instagram is also a popular resource. Brides love to show off their cakes.

Simple but beautiful single layer wedding cake by Clarion Cardens, Payson Utah - Utah Wedding Catering.

Braking Away from the Traditional Cake Size

A single cake of three to four layers rather than the traditional stacked layered cake is becoming more and more popular. It’s far less expensive and it often solves the problem of being encumbered with an abundance of leftover cake. The smaller cake option still gives the bride and groom the traditional cake cutting ceremony opportunity.

Utah Wedding Catering - Cutting the wedding cake as a wedding reception tradtion.

Cut the Wedding Cake Early

A long held tradition has been to cut the cake at the end of the reception but there is really no reason to hold on to that custom. Cutting the cake early in the evening allows guests, especially elderly ones, to feel free to leave when they are ready.

If your photographer is paid by the hour, it allows them to catch this moment without having to stay until the end of the reception. Cutting the cake early reduces their time, therefore saves you money.

If your guests are invited to dance at your reception, cutting the cake before the dancing begins prevents an interruption when the dance is in full swing.

Choosing a wedding cake baker - The Clarion Gardens in Payson can help you. Utah Wedding Catering.

Finding a Baker

As a Utah wedding reception venue, we have worked with all of the bakers in the area. Ask us for suggestions.

Also, when you attend other receptions and find a cake you particularly love, find out from the bride or groom who baked it. We often see beautiful cake ideas when we are doing Utah wedding catering at other venues.

When you find a trusted baker, they can advise you about your choice and offer you alternative flavors, frosting and decoration to match your budget as well as your dreams.  Make sure the quote they give you includes transportation to your particular location.

Utah Wedding Catering at Clarion Gardens, Payson Utah. Beautiful wedding cakes to serve.

Have Fun With the Cake Tradition

Give each table a cake. Placing a small cake at each table can solve two concerns, a table decoration and refreshments. This is a pleasing and practical option if your guests are only family or a small gathering.

Order a variety of small cakes and encourage guests to get up and try cakes throughout the room. Or, place a selection of different cakes on a buffet bar and let your guests enjoy a variety of flavors.

Clarion Gardens, Payson, Utah - Utah Wedding Catering offeres simple elegant wedding cake alternatives.

Cake pops or cupcakes served from elegant stands or platters is a fun departure from the customary slice of cake.

Planning the details of your wedding cake should be less stressful if you consider some of the wedding cake tips we have suggested. Take your time in making your decisions, enjoy the moment, and have a wonderful wedding day.

Rebecca Carter – Utah Wedding Catering

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