6 Smart Ways To Give Your Wedding Cake Center Stage

wedding-cake-buffetA wedding cake at the wedding reception has been a long standing tradition in Utah. However, as wedding catering experts, we have seen a trend away from the standard tradition; everything from not even having a cake to full on cake buffets.

Give Your Wedding Cake Center Stage With These Alternatives.

1. Serve Your Cake: Consider serving your cake as part your wedding catering.  A large cake can run anywhere from $300 to $600. Use the cake you have already paid for as the main fare or include it in your over all refreshments. So many times we send 3/4 of the wedding cake home with the bride’s family and they have no clue what to do with it. Generally a wedding cake will serve 150 guests.

2. Cake Buffet: If you are planning to serve cake as the refreshment, consider a cake buffet. Using many varieties of cake creates beautiful display. Poppy Seed Lemon, Strawberry Lemonade, Dutch Butter Cake to Chocolate Ganache are just a few of the options you can chose from the Clarion catering menu.

3. Include Your Cake: When including cake as part of the refreshments, serve savory items, such as spinach dip and hard crusty breads with vegetables or, chicken salad on a butter roll with a spring berry salad. Then, serve the wedding cake as the sweet part of your offering.

4. Cut Your Cake Early: Cut the cake half way through the reception and offer it to your guests. You will have less cake to worry about packing up and taking home.  Also, cutting the cake early will allow those who must leave, an opportunity to share in the excitement of the “cake cutting tradition.”

5. Consider Cake and Ice-cream: Who doesn’t like an ice cream cone? A few times last summer we served ice-cream cones and cupcakes for the early guests until the bride and groom cut and served the wedding cake. It is very cost effective and a nice cool option. We have a beautiful ice-cream cart that holds two varieties of ice-cream. We serve BYU ice cream and suggest “Graham Canyon,” it’s a crowd pleaser. “Vanilla Bean” is a must have for your second choice.

Utah Wedding Catering - Beautiful Bride and Groom Cake alternative. 6. A Small Cake: For those who don’t want a huge cake or don’t plan to serve their cake, a small “Bride and Groom” cake has become very popular. We offer a variety of beautiful 3-4 layer cakes or single tier cakes just for the bride and groom. Keep the tradition of cutting the wedding cake by serving the guests savory items paired with mini deserts.

Surprise your new partner with cake! Plan to take a couple pieces with you to share on your honeymoon. Don’t forget the forks!

Rebecca Carter – Clarion Gardens
Utah Wedding Catering

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