Wedding Boutonniere History and Guidelines

Utah Weddding Venue - boutonniere tips and guidelines. Whether you have your wedding reception our Utah wedding venue or in New York or Paris, a boutonniere is an essential traditional element of the groom’s wedding attire just as the bridal bouquet is to the bride’s apparel. In fact, the wedding bouquet generally sets the parameters, color and flower type, for the groom’s boutonniere.

Wedding Boutonniere History

Utah Wedding Venue - boutonniere tips and guidelines “Boutonniere” is a French word. Its English translations is buttonhole, referring to a time when a flower was worn in the buttonhole of a man’s attire to ward off disease, bad smells and evil spirits. However, men during the Middle Ages, before going into battle, often wore flowers, a ribbon or pennant near his heart representing his lady or her family.

The idea of a wedding boutonniere did not flourished until the Victorian-era. Legend claims that in 1840, when Prince Albert wed Queen Victoria, he cut a slit in his jacket to slip in a flower from his bride’s bouquet. This gesture apparently led to the British name “buttonhole flowers.” By the late 19th century, American men had adopted the British custom of wearing a flower as the finishing touch to their wedding attire.

Wedding Boutonniere Guidelines

Generally, groomsmen, fathers of the bride and groom are the recipients of a boutonniere, although it is up to the discretion of the couple to include others. Often grandfathers, ushers, the ring bearer and special wedding guests are taken into account.

Utah Wedding Venue, Clalrion Gardens in Payson, Utah boutonniere guide. While it’s not required, variations in the boutonniere size is customary. The groom’s “buttonhole flower” is generally larger and more decorative than that of his groomsmen. The boutonnieres of the fathers of the bride and groom can also be different as to set these two gentlemen apart from the others. Boutonnieres of additional recipients can vary a bit to indicate the man’s specific role in the celebration.

Men’s Wedding Style Jackets

Jacket styles may vary but folded lapels is the norm for wedding attire because it provides a place for a boutonniere to be attached. The ideal jacket has a buttonhole sewn and cut on the left lapel so the arrangement will be positioned slightly above the heart.Clalrion Gardens in Payson, Utah boutonniere guide. non traditional style. Utah Wedding Venue

On higher-end suits, underneath the lapel, an elastic latch is provided so the stem of the flower can be supported after being threaded through the buttonhole. However, today most suits do not provide a latch so the boutonniere has to be secured to the front of the lapel by hidden pins or a stick pin.

Breaking Tradition

At the Clarion, Utah Wedding Venue, we are seeing more an more grooms breaking tradition. Less formal wedding apparel is becoming more acceptable as a way of feeling comfortable and cutting costs. Casual fabric, vests worn without a jacket, rolled sleeves, and colorful suspenders are just a few departures from traditional clothing. Bright colors and bold print ties are frequently seen on the groom as well as his groomsmen.  And don’t forget the socks; wild prints and spirited colors are common. Fathers are also getting into the act by wearing casual non-traditional clothing.

Utah Wedding Venue, Clarion Gardens in Payson. Breaking tradition with the boutonniere.

In addition, boutonnieres are breaking tradition by being found in various positions along the lapel rather than depending upon using the standard lapel buttonhole. They may be found peeking out of, or pinned directly on the pocket, a change from the customary lapel location. The formal rose or carnation boutonniere is frequently replaced by a variety of single blooms or a bold floral grouping.

Whether your wedding is formal or you prefer a more casual affair, Clairon Gardens can accommodate your wishes. We can also refer you to a Utah Wedding florists, whom we trust, that will provide you with creative floral variations and alternatives.

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